I love connecting with my listeners every day on WRMN. Over my 7+ years here, I’ve learned that “First Shifters” are incredibly educated and informed. This dynamic creates a fantastic environment where we learn from each other daily. The bonds and friendships I’ve formed through this show have given me an extended family and the best on-air experience of my career.

Throughout my radio journey, I’ve had the privilege of working with top-notch professionals in a Top 50 market in Memphis, Tennessee. I’ve gathered valuable insights and now bring that expertise to the wonderful community of the Fox River Valley. Thank you to all the First Shifters and WRMN listeners—together, we’ll continue to build a station you love to tune into!

In 2024, I celebrate 27 years in broadcasting. My journey began as an Administrative Assistant at a local radio station I listened to as a kid in Wisconsin. The station owner soon guided me into the live side of radio, where I dived into production and hosting. My first on-air role was hosting the original Radio Shopping Show, and I spent late nights with “The Last Call.” Afterward, I joined Milwaukee’s ESPN radio, had a brief stint in eCommerce, and finally found my home at WRMN in 2010.

For anyone looking to break into the industry, my advice is to learn every job, both in front and behind the scenes. This versatility will extend your career and make you indispensable.

I’ve been happily married to John for 25 years, and we have three children and four grandchildren, whom I adore. We love ‘glamping,’ golfing, and traveling to Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Call in and introduce yourself—I’d love to hear from you!

I began my career at WRMN in the redemption center, where I honed my communication skills and discovered the Radio Shopping Show. Soon, I transitioned to the production side, creating commercials and learning the behind-the-scenes workings of the station. My role as a board operator for live shows gave me valuable experience, eventually leading me to host the Radio Shopping Show.

Now, I host my own show, “Drive Time Deal with Matt McNeil,” where I bring you the hottest deals in town, intriguing stories, and recommendations for great dining and entertainment spots in the Fox River Valley.

In my free time, I am passionate about genealogy and research. I also enjoy collecting antiques and vintage items, and I frequently attend antique and vintage flea markets.

Hey, this is Marcus Mac. I come from a sports family on the Southside of Chicago. I fell in love with sports after watching the ‘85 Chicago Bears. My love and passion for sports grew stronger each year. Growing up I talked sports 24/7. Which triggered my love for wanting to host a sports show on the radio. After two decades in the airline industry. My love of sports and radio never died. I finally recognized that I had a calling. So I attended Illinois Media Broadcasting School. This is place where my skills for radio were tuned. And it also led to the creation of my show. The truth about Chicago sports. It’s my mission and drive to bring the best sports show in town. Wrmn 1410AM has given me the honor of hosting my show and letting me joining the station.

Being part of a Community Broadcasting Station is nothing short of a dream come true. My parents instilled in me the value of community involvement early on, as they were active in scouting, church, Chamber of Commerce, and even served as parade marshals, among other charitable activities.

As a former Firefighter and Police officer, I’ve always felt compelled to bring people together and serve my community. I’ve founded several Italian American organizations and am actively involved with the Knights of Columbus, having served as a Past Grand Knight and currently as Faithful Navigator for the Bishop Shiels assembly.

My faith drives my commitment to this endeavor. I’ve been blessed in countless ways and look forward to sharing future blessings with all our associates and listeners.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you all!