Bidding 4 Bargains Sneak Peak

Cyber Monday, November 30, 2020

Items up for auction

On-air (Silent/Early bird bids begin at 10a.m.) On Air: 847-931-1410
Office: 847-741-7700

View all of our items in the Featured Businesses about this section of Special Promotions.

Bid often, determine your max bid.  We strongly suggest you use this strategy.  Individuals can get out bid in a matter of minutes. 
Good Luck, Have Fun

Game Play Hints:

Be sure all of your information is UP TO DATE
Identify the details of the items up for bid
(see Featured Businesses)

Phone 847-741-7700 or the studio line 847-931-1410 to place an early bid anytime during the week and as early as 9a.m. on Game Day.

You can bid by providing your key tag, item and bid in DM format on our Facebook LIVE as we will be providing this feature along with our broadcast on game day.

If you can not be by the radio all day, provide a MAX Bid and one of our WRMN staffers will play as your proxy for the auction item.  IF you get outbid of your HIGH Bid, we will make one attempt at reaching you to counter the offer.

All bids are considered viable for the item(S) offered.  If you win, it is yours.  Thus, the importance of having up to date payment information on your file.  If not, you lose the item(S) you worked so hard to win. 

All auction items will have an opening bid.  All bids must increase by implements of $5.  If bid-off occurs, increase occurs until the individual bidder wins.


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