WRMN certificate Protocol during COVID-19

WRMN Protocol during COVID-19


To better understand how we came about creating this protocol, we feel it is important to share how the Radio Station and Radio Shopping Show work. 

The Radio Shopping Show was designed to provide a Win / Win marketing campaign for businesses, especially those that may struggle with adequate advertising dollars.  To maintain the cost of production, WRMN offers the certificates provided by the participating businesses to the listener or online consumer for a discounted rate.  Again, any revenue we earn that comes in for the certificates covers the operational costs of the station, (production, payroll, staff and LIVE radio). When we use phrases like it's a Win Win Win partnership, it is just that.  If one of the three powerful parts of this trio weakens, the rest of the group will be affected.  While we watch many local businesses suffering during the pandemic, we have made a promise to use our voice to help small businesses.

Now is the time to remember that WRMN is amongst this group of small local businesses. 


What can you do?

If you have a certificate that has expired, refer to the protocol below. We are suggesting that you hang on to any exchanges until the businesses begin to open.  If they expire, we have records to see if the item qualifies for a re-issue.  Our goal is to reprint once.

What can we do?

Many are asking about certificates that became idle during COVID-19.  We will be using this protocol:


If you acquired your certificate on January 1 or after, we will reissue your certificates to extend the expiration date allowing you the opportunity to redeem.

If a restaurant does not make it through the COVID crisis, both of us will have sacrificed and no exchange will be offered.   

If the restaurant was acquired during COVID-19 (March 11-to date) and does not make it through the lockdown, we will exchange for the amount you paid.  That is, you bought it with the hopes of using after COVID-10 and you did not have the opportunity to redeem.

If it DOES make it through the all clear bell, be sure to redeem it as soon as you are able.  Once you have had a chance to redeem the certificate, no exchanges will be offered should the business be unable to remain open.


If you acquired your hotel on January 1, 2020 or after, our intent is to extend as able.  If you acquired your hotel prior to the beginning of the year, we will try to re-issue but cannot guarantee success.


Unfortunately, we are not able to replace any prize winnings prior to COVID.  If you acquired a certificate as a FREE item or an award during a station event, we are unable to reissue these giveaways.


We are currently in the process of reaching out to our partners to inquire about extensions.  Hang tight friends, any qualifying exchanges will be addressed as information becomes available.


We ask you to join us with understanding, patience and kindness in the hopes of continuing to offer you great deals for another 40 years.

Together, we can.