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MO-Branson Dinosaur Museum-Branson
Branson, MO
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$19.98 Pair of admissions. Travel 90 Million Years in just a few steps! Take your vacation back in time and visit life sized dinosaur replicas, dig for fossils, and even get a scare! designed with the young (and young-at-heart) in mind! Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? This museum brings them up-close-and-personal...from the small, four-winged microrapter; a dinosaur that measured only one-foot-tall, and was the most abundant of non-bird everyone’s favorite, the enormous tyrannosaurus rex, fondly referred to as T Rex; a beast with a massive skull, balanced by a long, heavy tail. These carefully constructed creatures are so exquisitely detailed; you’ll expect them to come to life at any moment!Guest is responsible for taxes and service charges. Located at the Branson Dinosaur Museum at 3619 W. 76 Country Blvd. Redeem at box office. Call 417-239-0733 or go to for more details. Expires 12/30/17. This Radio Shopping Show Certificate is NULL & VOID. The Advertiser provides its own certificate needed for redemption. VOID