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Lake Geneva Clue Room-Lake Geneva

Choose from 1 of 4 rooms: "Gangsters' Gamble"-Al Capone has poisoned a bootleg bottle of booze. It now falls upon you to reveal and remove the tainted hooch, "Pilfered Playbook" A rival school has stolen your football playbook, sneak into the rival school’s locker room and retrieve the playbook, "The Double Agent" A double agent has stolen a list of your agents in the field, and is going to expose them, find the list, stop the traitor, and save your colleagues or "The Carnival" One by one, performers are being killed off, investigate the grounds, uncover the identity of the killer, but know that the murderer is still at large.

772 W. Main St. in downtown Lake Geneva. Various at home games available to purchase at store or on-line. 262-325-2375 for more information. Book on-line or stop in and book a room in person.

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