Grand Canyon Railway
Posted 9/4/2016

All aboard to Grand Canyon National Park! Book your Grand Canyon Railway reservation online on one of five classes of service on our vintage train from Williams to Grand Canyon National Park. Or, select a hotel package that includes lodging at our own Grand Canyon Railway Hotel and in Grand Canyon National Park at select Grand Canyon hotels. Learn about the new Grand Canyon Railway RV Park, or experience the magic of the Polar Express.


Grand Canyon Railway made its first journey to the Grand Canyon in 1901, long before Arizona was dubbed the "Grand Canyon State." With the arrival of the train, people could get to the legendary canyon with ease and comfort. Today, you can travel to Grand Canyon National Park along the same rail line your parents or grandparents did. Select from one of five vintage classes of service which have been lovingly restored.


Journey to Grand Canyon National Park aboard Grand Canyon Railway and take a trip not only to America's most recognized spectacle, but a trip back in time. We hope you find the Grand Canyon Railway website a complete reference from which to learn more about Grand Canyon National Park. From Grand Canyon maps to Grand Canyon hotels, the train has been serving Grand Canyon National Park since 1901 and continues to do so proudly.


Grand Canyon Native

Long before there were Grand Canyon helicopter tours, air tours, white water rafting tours or even Grand Canyon mule tours, there was the Grand Canyon's train. Before paved roads, Grand Canyon hotels and restaurants, and even before the canyon was made a national park or Arizona made a state, let alone the "Grand Canyon state", Grand Canyon National Parkthe Grand Canyon Railway brought interested travelers from all over the world to stand on the rim and ponder the feeling that touches all of humanity in a similar manner when they gaze upon the canyon. Grand Canyon Railway was the lifeline to Grand Canyon National Park in the early 20th century. It was the railroad, along with the Fred Harvey Company, that commissioned and built most of the historic structures that still exist along the South Rim. The historic train almost faded into history itself when passenger service to Grand Canyon National Park stopped in 1968 as train travel gave way to the popularity of automobile travel. But like any legend it refused to die. As fate would have it, Grand Canyon Railway was reborn in 1989 when entrepreneurs Max & Thelma Biegert brought the Grand Canyon's train back to life. Today, Grand Canyon Railway carries more than 230,000 people by rail to Grand Canyon National Park each year. The Railway also offers vacation packages that include train travel, stays at Williams and Grand Canyon hotels, RV park stays and much more. Plan a complete Grand Canyon vacation with one phone call to Grand Canyon Railway.

Grand Canyon Exclusive: The Sunset Limited

Grand Canyon Railway's Sunset LimitedIntroducing a new special excursion train to the Grand Canyon departing on select dates this Fall. Be among the first to experience The Sunset Limited.

Grand Canyon Railway Hotel

Enjoy a stay at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel - one of the finest Grand Canyon hotels in the region - and conveniently located across from the Williams Depot. It's lodging in the Flagstaff-Grand Canyon area at its best. Packages with train travel, meals and stays at Williams and Grand Canyon hotels are a great way to experience the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Railway RV Park

Arizona RV parks are a popular destination and now Northern Arizona has one of the premier RV parks in the Flagstaff-Grand Canyon area. Located next to the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel and Williams Depot, you won't find a more relaxing place to unwind. Learn more about the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park.

The Polar Express

Every winter, Grand Canyon Railway presents the Polar Express, which departs in the evenings for the North Pole to see Santa Claus. Learn more about Grand Canyon Railway's presentation of The Polar Express.

Grand Canyon Railway is an authorized concessioner of the National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service.


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