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To help you make intelligent purchasing decisions we are proud to present a series of testimonials from our customers regarding items they have purchased on The Radio Shopping Show and The Radio Travel Show.

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WRMN Bonus November Bucks
Please feel free to email us your testimonials on the Radio Shopping Show. We would love to hear how the show has affected your life and how it has helped you save money. Thanks!

Chuck France, General Sales Manager
WRMN Bonus November Bucks
This is not a testimonial for a product or service, but for for your new website. WOW! Your new site is fantastic, and so easy to navigate through! After having struggled with your previous websites, American Eagle has done the Radio Shopping Show proud!

Thanks for making our shopping so much easier!!

Sue & Eddie O.
WRMN Radio Show-Elgin
The Radio Shopping Show is tops in my books, if I am having a bad day I turn on The Radio Shopping Show and almost immediately I feel better, and then sometimes I will order something that I just heard about, and turns up it was a nice saving and a good place, like Drury Lane, you cant beat it.

WRMN Radio Show-Elgin
Iíve been a shopper for years, and have truly nothing but praise for the Radio Shopping Show. Iíve taken so many memorable trips- near & far. Great hotel stays, often at high-end places I could never have afforded otherwise.

Lots of good dining- fine & casual, for a fraction of the full price. Great entertainment- concerts & plays for relaxation or mental stimulation, or both. Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff-without exception. Thanks to all for making it possible to ďlive large for less.Ē Big time!

WRMN Bonus November Bucks
My Testimonial is to the wonderful work that you are doing. Chuck is so funny that I just love it when he is on the radio. Veronique, is so good, that I just love to listen to her too. I love to hear about all the wonderful deals.. I have on 1410 most of the time. Since I am in the car most of the day. Keep up the good work.

Susan C.
WRMN Bonus November Bucks
Radio Shopping Show is such a great show. It saved me a lot of money and the staff is always so friendly and helpful. I get to try out so many new places and drive to towns I normally wouldn't venture to. The travel deals are just absolutely phenomenal. This is the first year I get to travel so much without breaking the bank. I'm so happy to know about this show. The new website is easy to navigate and any information I need is at my fingertips (well except when my internet connection is down) Great job!! Thank you to everyone at the Radio Shopping Show for your hard work in bringing us such great deals.

WRMN Bonus November Bucks
1410 is the best Radio Shopping Show. You can't beat the price!

Colby R.
WRMN Bonus November Bucks
This is a testimonial for the Radio show and New website.

Everyone I have spoken to or dealt with at WRMN have always been so friendly and helpful, even when they are swamped with calls, which is most of the time.

I have been able to do things I would never been able to with the savings and able to give great gifts through this Amazing show.

I can also easily find out where the road shows will be ahead of time, since we all know how hectic our work week can be.

The WRMN website is so user friendly, so much easier to tell others about Radio show if they are from another state or area, they can just go there and listen in.

I refer everyone I meet to check out WRMN1410.COM !!!!

Oh, wanted to thank everyone in redemption center too, they are the behind the scenes awesome people that help me get the right things when need top pick up certificates.

Thanks to everyone at The most AMAZING show on the Radio.

Cathy M.
WRMN Bonus November Bucks
I heartily recommend this shopping show. They offer travel, activities and restaurants that I haven't even heard of and the prices are so low I'm willing to try something new or retry something old.

One example is that many, many years ago, I decided I didn't like Burger King. I don't even remember why. We tried a few certificates and now that's our favorite fast food chain, and we eat at various locations with or without a certificate.

We've traveled through the show and my once skeptic husband, when we checked into one very sumptuous hotel suite said "keep on radio shopping".

The staff on the air at WRMN 1410 and behind the scenes are friendly and helpful.

Debbie T
WRMN Bonus November Bucks
I am a new customer and I would like to say thank you for making it possible for us to be able to stay in Florida for 2 extra days! We saved BIG TIME...... Hope to do business with you again real soon.

Mic & Sherri
WRMN Bonus November Bucks
I can't tell you how happy I am to have found your station. We love your show and all the great bargins. We are eating out more and having so much more fun. A big thank you to Paula who has helped me out a number of times, she's always a joy to talk to. Your on-air people are always helpful and polite. Thanks to all of you.

Joan P.
WRMN Bonus November Bucks
I wanted to let you know how much we love your show. We have been trying so many new places. My husband and I listen everyday we are in the car.

Tracy K.
WRMN Bonus November Bucks
Iíve been with you for years, and itís been a wonderful thing. Iím a single mom, and itís helped me get through a lot of things, and let me do a lot of things we might not otherwise be able to do and try things.

WRMN Bonus November Bucks
The Radio Shopping Show has allowed me to enjoy vacations and fun activities with my family that I normally could not afford. I LOVE the show and now so do my kids. I also enjoy getting the dining certificates to try different places to eat. I really enjoy listing to EVERYONE on the radio. They are so friendly and funny. Keep up the good work!

Denise G.
WRMN Bonus November Bucks
I think the Radio Shopping Show is a great opportunity for those of us watching our pennies to enjoy the places we wouldn't normally be able to afford. Mexico, FLA, local restaurants, etc. Thanks for all you do Chuck and staff. Keep getting us those great places to save. We love it!

Alexis S.
WRMN Bonus November Bucks
I was so excited to hear about the Radio Shopping Show a few years ago. It was hard to believe the incredible prices. My favorite purchase was a stay at the Cove of Lake Geneva. I gave it to a friend as a get away gift as she was going through a tough time. I was able to give her something I would not typically be able to afford and let her know how much I appreciate her friendship. Thank you Radio Shopping Show

WRMN Bonus November Bucks
A co-worker came in and said her and her mom went to the Road Show last night and she was telling me the tickets she got and how much and I was AMAZED! I never heard of this before. Then I started listening to the savings people were getting on hotel fare, certificates, and all the other stuff Ė and all I have to say isÖ WOW! THIS IS THE GREATEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD! I called my boyfriend, his friend, my friend and now we have two fun-filled days planned for 4 of us for ONLY $60!!! This is even better than garage-saling! You guys are AWESOME!! I hope the rest of the neighborhood is ecstatic as I am. This is SUPER!

WRMN Bonus November Bucks
I listened to the Radio Shopping and Travel shows, I have become a huge fan. Because of your show, we have been able to try many new places and have tried quite a few nice hotels. Thank you so much to all the employees who work hard to recruit these great places.

Personally, my best experience to date was a previous hotel in Madison where I traveled to see my favorite band of all time and guess what..... I sat next to them at breakfast and then received their autographs! I am now going to another hotel that we purchased from the show (more than half off) in Milwaukee next weekend for the same band, hopefully we will get lucky again!

WRMN Bonus November Bucks
I have lived in Chicago for most of my adult life and have enjoyed listening to the Radio Shopping Show. I recently transferred to Washington DC for work and will be staying in DC for the next 4 possibly 8 years. I will continue to listen to the Radio Shopping Show, as time allows, on the Internet at www.wrmn1410.com. This is a great show and something that I will be talking about to everyone that I meet. With the current condition of the ecomony, the Radio Shopping Show provides a great way for people to still get out for dinners, shows or to travel this great nation of ours on vacations. Continue the great job that everyone at WRMN has been doing and I'll be listening.

WRMN Bonus November Bucks

WRMN Bonus November Bucks
Thank you to the great sales staff for bringing new things to try. With the tough economy, we are able to stretch our dollars and still be able to go out and do things.

We had a really good time at the Wiggles Show at Rosemont Theater and the tickets were a fraction of the price.

The children were singing, dancing, and smiling the entire time.

Keep up the great work, we appreciate it immensely.

Kim L.
WRMN Bonus November Bucks
The program is going very well. We've had greatly increased revenues from your group of listeners in August & September.

Courtyard - Elmhurst
WRMN Bonus November Bucks
I am a new customer to the Shopping Show and everyone at the redemption center was very nice. I appreciated Dave getting me a good deal on an overnight at The Best Western in Mauston WI. My in-laws stayed there and they said it was very nice. My husband and I are looking forward to our night away. Thanks again!

WRMN Bonus November Bucks
Went to Ramada in Galena and had a wonderful time. The lobby is very open and inviting with the fireplace. The rooms are very clean and very nice. The hotel staff was very helpful and kept our leftovers in the fridge overnight. The pool area has a very large beautiful pool that was very refreshing. We will be back.

Marlene R.
WRMN Bonus November Bucks
We would like to personally thank Dave Niven for a great Anniversary package he helped set up. We thoroughly enjoyed our Fabulous, yet affordable weekend.

First of all, Edible Arrangements in Crystal Lake made us a beautiful, chocolate covered fruit arrangement. I added on a Number "10" made out of pineapples for our 10th Wedding Anniversary which included a nice balloon bouquet. The staff there is so talented and friendly.

Next, Our fun weekend consisted of a good Italian Dinner at Pompei in Oak Brook then

We went to see a great play at the gorgeous Drury Lane Theater. After the Theater, we checked in at the beautiful Holiday Inn Select in Naperville. The front desk staff was very courteous and quite familiar with the area. The beds were comfortable and the room was both spacious and quiet. The next morning we were pleasantly surprised with a Complimentary, Full hot breakfast ordered off of a very plentiful menu.

They also have a nice sized indoor swimming pool.

We saved nearly $200.00 retail on these great places! Thank you Dave for your continued hard work in getting very good businesses on the show. Keep up the great work!

WRMN Radio Show-Elgin
WRMN and the Elgin Broadcasting Company is a wonderful place to host your own radio show.

The right price, right now.

Elgin BBQ Pit-Elgin
WRMN Radio Shopping Show is truly a gem. I have purchased several restaurant certificates and have been pleased with the selections available.

I just purchased Elgin BBQ Pit certificate, a restaurant I did not know existed in Elgin. I will visit this restaurant even if I do not have a certificate.

Trish G.
T.G. Consultants Inc.-Elgin
Good morning, I am Trish Glees, President of T.G. Consultants Ė Professional IT Solutions, located Elgin. I meet Amanda Wojciechowski in the fall of 2013. Amanda meet with me to explain how my company could sponsor the Radio Shopping Show. During the Christmas 2013 holiday we purchased two commercial spots, which were very successful for T.G. Consultants. Amanda and I continued to talk and T.G. Consultants became a regular sponsor of the Radio Shopping Show, once again, we have had success.

Amanda and I still talk and I proposed to her that I would like to do computer help show on the radio, now I thought this would never happen; but on March 4th T.G. Consultants started airing Tidbits with Trish on WRMN1410 at 9:00am. After the first show we received three (3) calls requesting our services.

As an small business located in Elgin, I have seen success in sponsoring the Radio Shopping Show and hosting my own radio show. I highly recommend that small business looking to reach new customers contact Amanda Wojciechowski at WRMN1410. Amanda will help you get your service or product out on the airwaves, potentially gaining you untold number of customers.

Trish G.